Money and Migration: Case 2 of 3

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Picture yourself as the child of undocumented parents. Your mother left her home country after growing up in violence, feeling that her life was on the line. Your father left seeking opportunities for a steady income to help support his family at home. Both arrived in the US alone, found each other, fell in love and made a life for themselves. They had you, and your sister. They worked hard and earned just enough to cover their bills and send money home to pay for your grandfather’s caretaker. Their lack of legal status was always on your family’s mind, yet they never let that get in the way of your life. They always encouraged you to take advantage of the opportunities that they lacked growing up. They taught you the value of hard work and a good education. Their motivation and sacrifice helped you get a scholarship to attend college. Life was going great, until one day your father got deported.

What would your mother do? How would she manage the household without him? What would she do to make sure the family felt safe and that your little sister was cared for in case she was deported as well? Knowing her, she’d seek answers.

That’s where we come in.  

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A donation to Qualitas of Life will help families facing this situation. Accurate information can keep a family together and a plan of action can ensure that children are cared for in the event of a deportation in their family. Your donation will go directly to supporting participants attending our new workshop:
Getting Ready: Migratory Processes and My Money

While any and all donations are welcome, consider that:
$1,000 will allow us to directly impact 35 families
$500 will allow us to directly impact 15 families
$100 will allow us to directly impact 3 families
$30 will allow us to directly impact 1 family