Our impact

“Financial literacy means more than just a hot meal, and a roof over your head, it marks the beginning of a bright future for generations to come”- Volunteer, Qualitas of Life

Since 2007 Qualitas of Life has provided financial education to more than 13,478 families, impacting around 60,651 people.

Over the past ten years, Qualitas of Life has evolved from a small volunteer-run organization to a well-respected and sought-out nonprofit community partner. In order to reach the broad and diverse Hispanic community, we have expanded into New York, including all five boroughs, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We also partner with organizations in Massachusetts and Vermont to help support and educate the Hispanic communities throughout. We have provided more than 160 hours of training to 40 facilitators and created over 50 strategic alliances to better reach the Hispanic community.


Impact of the Program

In the evaluation conducted in 2016 we identified changes and improvements in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of our participants due to their attendance at the workshops:

  • The majority of participants established a new financial goal.
  • 75% of participants are able to distinguish between financial needs and desires.
  • Establish priorities and realistic limits on their spending.
  • Learn how to calculate their annual percentage rate.
  • Learn to administer their debit and credit cards in a more financially responsible way.

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Our participants

Are women 73%
Are between 15 and 44 years old 79%
Have been in the US between 5 and 20 years 55%
Do not have health insurance 95%
Have participated in informal financial systems 32%
Did not know what APR means 80%
Did not know what kind of information is in a credit report 69%
Did not know the difference between a checking account and a savings account 52%