Help us continue supporting the Hispanic community with financial education

"I used to be sad because I never had any money. Qualitas of Life taught me how to save. I am very grateful for their courses" - Martha Guzman

"When COVID happened, my husband lost his job, but we had savings to last us 4 months. Thanks to Qualitas of Life for teaching me how to save! We survived because of that course." - Irma Carlos

"Qualitas of Life showed me that having a good credit history gives me a chance to find a better place to live with my daughter." -Belceba Dominguez

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    “Get ready to start a business” is an intensive entrepreneurship course organized by Qualitas of Life Foundation”

    «Me Preparo Para Emprender is an intensive entrepreneurship course organized and led by Qualitas of Life Foundation.

    About us?

    About us

    Founded in 2007, Qualitas of Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial education to Hispanic individuals and their families, in order to foster their financial security and improve their standard of living. We work to advance the economic prosperity of Hispanic individuals and their families through comprehensive financial education and asset-building program. Over the past decade, we have developed a wealth of resources to reach the broad and diverse Hispanic community and to ensure that thousands of immigrants and first-generation Hispanic-Americans have the tools to take control of their finances and break the cycle of poverty.

    Workshops Provided
    Families supported

    “Financial education means more than a hot meal and a roof over our heads, it marks the beginning of a bright future for generations to come” – Volunteer, Qualitas of Life