Important tips for our community and resources to prepare in case of any immigration proceeding


Across the country, amid the current political climate, immigrant families are living in despair and avoiding public places for fear of becoming a victim of an ICE raid.

To ease this fear, and be prepared for a potential life-altering event, Qualitas of Life encourages immigrant families to equip themselves with knowledge about their legal and financial rights and develop a plan to respond to and recover from any type of enforcement activity targeting immigrant families.

Qualitas of Life provides the following essential tips for our community:

  • Gain a better understanding of your rights and the resources available to access legal assistance
  • Be prepared for and know how to respond to the threat of a potential detention or deportation
  • Keep copies of all important documents in a safe place
  • Be sure you will not lose your money in case of a deportation
  • Get ready to prepare for an emergency: you can protect your family financial assets
  • Do not carry large amounts of money in cash
  • Protect your money in a financial institution
  • Make sure you or your family members can access your money in the event of detention or deportation
  • Make a budget for your children
  • Create a family emergency and recovery plan


Below you can find our Know your Financial Rights brochure and Financial Plan and Family Preparedness guide (Spanish versions).

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Our Know your financial rights brochure provides information about the rights and obligations that our community has over their money regardless of their immigration status. 

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Financial Plan and Family Preparedness is a guide for families to make a family preparation plan in case of an migratory process (detention, deportation or voluntary departure).

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